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Problems copying files

Error 0x800700052 when copying files to a USB memory stick

When copying data (as a backup)  from ‘My Documents’ to a USB memory stick, an alert popped up with Error 0X80070052, and “the directory or file can not be created”.


Unsurprisingly there were many documents to copy to the USB memory stick; in fact too many for the root directory of the file storage system on the USB stick to deal with.


This is caused by the device using FAT16 or FAT12 rather than FAT32. In fact for FAT 16 the root directory is limited to 512 entries (an entry is a file or a directory), although subfolders can contain more than 512 entries. Check this by ‘right hand mouse button’ click. In the example the ‘file allocation table’ is FAT32.

The options are to:


1)      Re-format the USB memory stick after making sure the files have saved  then reformat and use FAT32.

2)      Place all of the files in a ‘sub folder’ to limit the number of items stored in the root directory to less than 512 items.


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